Below are the values that articulate what we stand for. They are all of equal importance:

1 Client satisfaction: We aim to provide clear advice and assistance, with concrete directions and action plans if needed.

2 Committed to results: We aim to do what we say we will do and we are committed to achieving the best possible result for you with maximum efficiency. That is why we will only take on a case if we think that we can offer added value.

3 Communication and cooperation: We do not work in isolation. Working very closely together with our clients ensures a job well done which meets expectations and results in mutual satisfaction.

4 Integrity: Transparency and honesty are key for us in the client relationships that we develop and the way we work.

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5 Trust: Our ambition is not to be the largest, the most notorious or the richest firm, but to look after your interests, or simply be your trusted sounding board, throughout the changes in your businesses or career.


Our lawyers are members of the Brussels bar. They are subject to professional secrecy rules and will therefore take all measures required to keep information received from you confidential in accordance with these rules.

ENGAGEMENT TERMS (The French or Dutch version of our engagement terms is available upon first request)

The terms below shall apply to our provision of services in relation to any assignment on which you instruct us. References to ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ are to Karin Rasschaert bvba, a limited liability partnership established under Belgian law, with registered office B-1980 Zemst, Hoogstraat 239 (KBO 0877.878.110).

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We are committed to giving value for money to our clients and take a flexible approach to fees and billing arrangements.  However,  any deviation from the terms set out below must be agreed in writing in an engagement letter.

Unless otherwise agreed with our clients, our statements of costs and fees comprise three elements, i.e. fees,  administrative costs and specific costs:

Fees are calculated on the basis of the time spent and the standard hourly rates of the lawyer(s) conducting the work. These hourly rates will not increase because of evening or weekend work, urgency or complexity of the matter.  The hourly rates are determined by reference to the lawyers’ seniority and level of experience and vary from 110,00 EUR (ex 21% VAT) to 275,00 EUR (ex. 21% VAT) and may be amended on an annual basis as of September.

If possible and requested, an estimate of fees can be provided based on the anticipated completion time and billing rates of the firm’s lawyers assigned to the engagement.

We will assign lawyers to the matter with an appropriate level of seniority and experience for the relevant parts of the assignment to ensure a professional and high quality service  and will always seek to provide a service that is cost effective and efficient. In practice this means that in most cases two lawyers will be assigned to the case, i.e. a junior or associate and a partner.

Administrative costs cover fixed, general office costs and costs linked to a file (typing, telephone, copying, faxes, etc.) and amount to five percent of the fees detailed in the statement of costs and fees.

The specific costs of the file include, among others, any bailiff fees, transportation costs, courier service charges and translation costs. These specific costs will be listed in detail in the statement of costs and fees and are billed at cost.

The client will receive a statement of costs and fees at monthly intervals on the basis of the hours recorded as well as a detailed activity report, unless agreed otherwise. The statements are due upon receipt.  If the client does not agree with the statement, an objection must be lodged in writing within eight days of receipt. If the client has any questions concerning part of one of our bills, this will not delay payment of the balance.

After any written letter (or email) of notice to pay an outstanding statement of costs and fees, interest on the outstanding balance shall run at a rate of 1% per month from the date of notice.


Each lawyer engaged by us, and the legal entity Karin Rasschaert bvba, is covered by professional liability insurance for the assignment entrusted to us by you. Any indemnification by us of any damages suffered by you as a result of any professional negligence or wrong doing on our part shall be limited to a total of EUR 1,250,000, which is the amount of the coverage under the professional liability insurance.


Our agreement with our clients is subject to Belgian law and any dispute will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels.